About us

The most recent decade in Rūta’s history has been among the most beautiful, albeit difficult as well. Today the company has over 200 employees and operates its own manufacturing shops, a technological and a microbiological laboratory, a manufacturing/technical, a mechanical, and an energy department. The confectionery factory makes more than 300 different brands of sweets: chocolates with various fillings, truffles, dragée, chocolate figurines, gummy candy and soufflés, sugar-free, organic, culinary-heritage produce, soft toffee, chocolates with different flavourings and condiments.

Rūta today is a company that fosters the old traditions and highest quality standards, and keeps centuries-old secrets of excellence. And that is why each box of sweets that it makes is like a spring of rue (Lith. rūta) that every Lithuanian holds dear, a symbol of love and all that is natural and real.

Rūta’s UAB highest reward is the recognition and superb feedback from buyers! Rūta UAB loves to delight its clients not just on Christmas or Easter or St Valentine’s Day, which many enjoys – with its sweets and chocolates, every day is full of sweet moments. The company also accepts individual orders for custom-made sweets – its chocolate craftsmen can design desserts that are tailored just for you.

Considering the changing needs of the buyers, new items are added to the range of products, the manufacturing technology gets improved, new, more varied raw materials are chosen, and new brands of sweets to cater both to the big and the small are created every year. The newly reborn Rūta prioritises on things that are natural and organic, and prefers Lithuanian raw materials. Lithuanian-grown strawberries, blackcurrants, sea buckwheat, pumpkins, and many more Lithuanian and exotic berries, fruits, and vegetables, as well as royal jelly and pollen, honey, and nuts at Rūta’s factory become the most delicious fillings or condiments to be used in black, white, or milk chocolates.

The key values of Rūta UAB are: Quality – Wide Range of Products – Reliability – Respect for the Client - Flexibility.

With its successful operation and the degree of respect for the old traditions that it has been showing ever since 1913, Rūta has earned a good reputation. In developing innovative products, the company works with researchers from Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU), Kaunas University of Technology (KUT), the Institute of Horticulture of the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences (Poland), and the Wroclaw University of Natural Sciences (Poland). The company’s staff continuously raise their expertise levels through trainings both in Lithuania, and abroad.

Rūta not only delights its fans with its delicacies – in 2012, the company launched its Chocolate Museum, where patrons can find out interesting facts about the history of chocolate, which dates back nearly four thousand years, learn about the first confectionery factories in Lithuania, discover the fine points of how chocolates are made through hands-on experience in making chocolatey treats. Rūta’s café is also open to visitors, inviting them to discover new experiences of the taste of chocolate, treat themselves to exclusive desserts, and spend some quality time in a nice setting, while the candy store of the Chocolate Museum, located on the premises where it used to do business during the period between the two world wars, will help them stock on unique sweets and souvenirs.


Equal opportunities policy

The procedure for the implementation of the principles of implementation and supervision of the equal opportunities policy of UAB “Rūta” regulates the equal opportunities and non-discrimination policy of the company's employees and the conditions for the implementation thereof at work.


Code of conduct for suppliers

The Code of Conduct reflects the Company's commitment to strengthening sustainable cooperation with suppliers by promoting legal, professional and fair practices that include respect for human rights, business ethics and environmental goals. 


The procedure for submission and handling of complaints

In accordance with this procedure for submitting and handling complaints applicable to the employees, customers and business partners of UAB Rūta (hereinafter - the Company), notifications regarding possible violations that have a negative impact on human rights may be submitted and examined.