Chocolate Museum Rūta

On June the 1st three years ago, Rūta’s Chocolate Museum was inaugurated in the authentic 1920’s building of the confectionery factory. The exhibits at the museum showcase the factory’s exciting history and uncover four thousand years’ worth of secrets and specific facts of how chocolate has been and still is consumed.

The museum explains where “chocolate trees” grow, how chocolate was made by the Mayas and the Aztecs, and how the traditions of consuming it would change with the passage of centuries. It tells the story of Lithuania’s first chocolate factories and the oldest confectionery factory in the country, Rūta. The museum is teeming with interactive activities: here, you can have your picture taken and e-mail your photo or a sweet-wrapper of your own design to your friends, and have fun playing a variety of chocolate-related games.

Visitors to Rūta’s Chocolate Museum who enter the Sweet Laboratory – another activity available at the museum – become artisan chocolate-makers, if only for a while. After spending several minutes watching how chocolates are made, participants in this sweet activity can try their own hand at making chocolate treats, which they can sample right away. On top of that, the museum hosts themed chocolate and sweets tastings that cater to those who wish to find out more about chocolate and its different combinations through taste.

Nestled next to the museum, is Rūta’s historical sweets shop, located on the very premises where it used to do its business in the interwar period. The shop carries a vast assortment of chocolates with a variety of fillings, as well as candy drops, soufflés and gummy sweets, chocolate figurines, sugar-free, organic, culinary-heritage confectionery, and souvenir collections – a lot of things to choose from when you are considering a gift to bring back home.

After a fun-filled tour, visitor are welcome to drop by Rūta’s café. It is the place to be if you want to chill in a cosy setting, have a sip of hot chocolate, acorn coffee, or some other drink, treat yourself to some exclusive dessert, or have a bite to eat.

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