6810 | Crunchy Almonds in RUBY Chocolate and Blackcurrant

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1 kg
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Crunchy almonds coated in Ruby chocolate and black currant - a new, expressive combination of flavours. New mildly sour Ruby chocolate is perfectly complemented with freeze-dried black currants, while crunchy almonds will leave no room for indifference. 
Importantly, the freeze-dried berries have the same shape, volume and colour, retain almost all the vita-mins, aromatic and flavourful properties and have a soft and crispy texture. 
Ruby is the new, the 4th type of chocolate. It is a special kind of chocolate that amazes you with its berry freshness and sweet tenderness. Its unique colour and playful fruity notes are natural, no colouring agents or aroma is used. Fresh berry flavouring and colouring agents are naturally found in Ruby cocoa beans. Discover a new taste in chocolate history! 

» Crunchy almonds 
» Dry cocoa content in Ruby chocolate: at least 41.8% 
» Freeze-dried black currants