6964 | Freeze-dried Cherries in Chocolate 70% with Stevia, 80 g

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80 g
3.20 €

Rūta confectionery factory presents a new product - freeze-dried cherries covered in dark chocolate, that have the same shape, volume and colour, retain almost all the vitamins, retain aromatic and flavourful properties and have a soft and crispy texture. 
Chocolate with 70% cocoa with stevia is for people  who care about their health and shape. The chocolate is sucrose-free, enriched with natural sweeteners stevia and maltitol, and is high in fibre, suitable for people with diabetes. 
Freeze-dried cherries coated with dark chocolate with no added sugar - a combination of expressive taste and valuable properties. Rich flavour of cherries flavoured by notes of dark chocolate for moments of an unforgettable taste!
» Dry cocoa content in chocolate: at least 70% 
» Freeze-dried cherries 
» No added sugars (with stevia)