9308 | Retro Dragée Almonds in White Chocolate and Coffee, 160 g

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160 g

The line of sweets “Retro”, which cherishes heritage, elegance and the highest quality at the same time, is the classics from the interwar period. It is a product line of a real taste, the main packaging accents are the first logo of Rūta confectionery factory, the awards and postcards received in the interwar period, and the illustrations that look like greeting cards of that time.
In a metal box of a delicate design, you will find crunchy almonds coated in white chocolate with fine coffee grains that add an exceptional look, taste and aroma. Brazilian coffee has a rich and expressive taste just like its country of origin. 
Almonds with white chocolate and coffee – dragée of exceptional taste.

» Extremely nutritious kings of nuts - almonds
» Elegant metal box
» Expressive coffee flavour