Each of your wishes is important for us

Once having fallen in love with chocolate, today we can offer you confectionery of particular taste and flavour, exceptional form and superior quality. Paying all our attention to each detail, we create unique products, which have already gained recognition: these are chocolates with additives that bring peculiar taste, non-traditional chocolate figures, luxurious handmade assorted chocolates and premium chocolate that tastes unforgettable. Cooperating with various clients for a number of years, we have gained extensive experience, therefore we can offer you not only special products, but also lots of ideas when selecting personalised gifts.

Chocolate and chocolate products with your logo

Chocolate with imprint – a chocolate bar bearing your logo, company slogan, photo or any other picture or text by use of food colouring.

Relief chocolate – in order to fulfil your wishes, we can create chocolate with elevated relief, which can be of individual form, with the text or pictures you want.

Assorted chocolates – particularly elegant handmade assorted chocolate sweets to meet to your needs. They can have your company’s logo or other design elements.

Sweets with logo – sweets of your choice can have individual design labels, which will be adapted for any of your festivals or advertising promotions.

Chocolate bars – flavoured with valuable herbs and spices and lyophilised berries.

Individual design packaging – to meet your needs we can create packaging for assorted sweets, a chocolate box or even sweets of a design you choose.

Chocolate figures and their compositions – these are chocolate bouquets, little sculptures, pictures or other ideas you may have for a gift, which will be certainly noticed in any festive event.

Strips with your logo, cards, labels, stickers and other accessories, prepared according to an individual design, can become a decoration on many of the products we offer.

Other sweet gifts – we always wait for your ideas and seek to make them come true, no matter how much time or effort we need.

Catalogues of services and products


Our products – not only for business gifts 

Sweet business gifts – successful business meetings and relationships need a lot of attention and efforts. In order to make communication easier, we offer to use sweet gifts when inviting someone for a meeting or proposing cooperation. Personalised products will also suit well in order to commemorate a date important for a company.

Exhibitions, fairs and conferences – these events are not only a perfect occasion to meet business partners, but also a possibility to enrich your relationship with sweet gifts. They can also be attractive for event visitors or potential clients.

Gifts for Christmas and other festivals – Christmas, Easter, Boss’s Day and other similar festivals are for greeting not only your colleagues or business partners, but also your family and friends. Assorted sweets of individual design or a white chocolate card will surprise even the greatly experienced ones.

Personal events – weddings, anniversaries, christening or birthdays can also be a perfect occasion for unique ideas. Sweet gifts for guests will bring more colours to your event and will be long remembered.


Our aim is constant self-improvement, therefore, if you have any ideas or want to learn more about our products, please contact us by e-mail projektai@ruta.lt or mob.: +370 620 35 636, +370 612 26 306