Chocolate Collection “Rūta Chocolate Masters. STORIES OF CHOCOLATES” has been awarded a gold medal!

As the year is coming to the end, we want to rejoice that for the confectionery factory Rūta 2019 was crowned with high appreciations and awards. Chocolate collection “Rūta Chocolate Masters. STORIES OF CHOCOLATES”  has been awarded a gold medal in the competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019”, which is considered as the most important in the country and is highly regarded in the business community.
On 12 December, Asta Kascėnienė, the Head of Marketing at the confectionery factory Rūta, accepted the award during a solemn ceremony at the Merchants’ Club. The award was passed from the hands of Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Acting Minister of Economy and Innovation, and by Robertas Dargis, the President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.
The awards of the annual competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year”, organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (LPK), were given already for the 23rd time. 74 companies were nominated for the awards in fifteen categories out of 25 industries of the country. The food industry companies retained the leading positions as every year. 

The main goal of the competition “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2019” that annually assesses products manufactured by Lithuanian companies is to increase the competitiveness of high quality Lithuanian products, to present and help to establish the national industry products, goods and services among local and international consumers, to encourage choosing quality Lithuanian products, in this way promoting Lithuanian business development.

The team of the confectionery factory Rūta is particularly proud of the chocolate collection “Rūta Chocolate Masters. STORIES OF CHOCOLATES”, which won the gold medal. It provided an opportunity to introduce a new 4th type of chocolate – Ruby – to its customers. This fresh news added another vivid dab on the palette of chocolate flavours. 

After more than 10 years of searching and improving, spent unveiling secrets of cocoa beans, chocolate producers Barry Callebaut (Switzerland) invented a unique method of preparation of cocoa beans, which has liberated their particular flavour and colour. The unique colour and playful fruit notes come naturally, without use of any colourants or food additives. Substances that remind of the smell and colour of fresh berries naturally exist in Ruby cocoa beans, therefore the exceptional balance of freshness and sweetness of berries is maintained.

Chocolate collection “Rūta Chocolate Masters. STORIES OF CHOCOLATES” is four top quality chocolate types that perfectly match the fluffy pistachio cream and offer an opportunity to take a refined trip on paths of the history of chocolate. Get in the mood for surprising sensations and start on a journey of flavours. Four different times produced four types of chocolate: dark chocolate of subtle bitterness, milk chocolate of velvety texture, sweet white chocolate and mildly sour Ruby. All 4 types of chocolates are presented in one box in order that the journey on the paths of the history of chocolate would be particularly rewarding and different flavours would make one another even more prominent. A booklet on 4 chocolate types is inside the elegant box. All you have to do is to enjoy and find your perfect flavour.

The chocolate collection which was released for sale in summer this year has already won recognition by chocolate fans and is particularly appreciated as a souvenir gift abroad.

The team of the confectionery factory Rūta is proud of the awards, which were won only due to diligent work, constant improvement and love for sweets. But the biggest appreciation and incentive to go for new peaks is the recognition by confectionery fans and their thankfulness for pleasantly sweet moments they had! 


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