The international recognition will facilitate the business development abroad

The Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology shares good news – as many as eight clusters managed by the Agency received the "Bronze Labels" certifying their maturity and mastery. Among other clusters that received the "Bronze Label" certificate, two clusters – the Smart Food and the National Food Cluster – belong to the "Rūta" sweets factory.

The clusters were rated and certified by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis. The clusters that have created a legal unit and have several organization administrators, and have adopted management standards can qualify for the label. The cluster which seeks to obtain a bronze label is rated by a number of criteria such as activity of collaboration between the members of the cluster, development of joint innovations, implemented educational projects or export promotion projects, and so on.

There are three types of labels, namely the bronze, silver, and gold, representing different statuses of clusters. The bronze label can be earned first, and it can be followed by the silver and eventually the gold label. The bronze labelled clusters monitor the market, and use the state-based instruments.
The label is needed for the cluster to enter with their businesses the foreign markets, and prove their credibility. It enhances visibility in the international market, shows that the cluster is functional, reliable and cooperation with it may be beneficial.

According to Rūta Gilaitienė, the Head of Innovations at the "Rūta" sweets factory, "the received award will make clusters and their individual members more appreciated in foreign markets. This is a proof that these clusters are not formal but really active and reliable. We hope that the received label will add to our company's reputation and credibility in the foreign markets."

This text is prepared using information of the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology

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