The "Lithuania of February 16th" collection of chocolates is awarded the gold medal

At the end of year, we can rejoice that the year 2018 for the "Rūta" sweets factory brought rewards and high ratings. The "Lithuania of February 16th" collection of chocolates produced by the "Rūta" was awarded the gold medal of the “Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018 ", the award which is considered the most important in the country and has gained recognition of the business community.

On December 13th, Vitalija Stonienė, the Product Manager of the "Rūta" sweets factory, accepted the award during the ceremony held at the Chamber of Government. This award to the winners of the competition organised by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists (for the 22nd time) was handed over by the Lithuanian Minister of Economy Virginijus Sinkevičius and the President of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists Robert Dargis.

The purpose of the competition "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2018 ", which is the event aimed at ranking of the products created by the Lithuanian companies, is to increase the competitiveness of high quality Lithuanian production, introduce and provide the national industrial production, goods and services to the local or international consumer encouraging the choice of qualitative Lithuanian products, which ensures the Lithuanian business development.

The "Rūta" sweets factory has been growing together with the state of Lithuania throughout its lifetime. All important achievements or bright personalities were also reflected in the packaging of the production, and one of the most significant historical dates for Lithuania – the February 16th – has also been commemorated.

This spring, the collection of chocolates appeared on the market. It has already gained recognition of the chocolate lovers, and is especially appreciated as a souvenir product that can represent the uniqueness of our country and a historic moment significant to Lithuania abroad.

The impressive collection of chocolates "Lithuania of February 16th" packed in the two-level box consists of 12 kinds of chocolates with filling of caramel and milk chocolate, mint, hazelnut and crushed cocoa beans, beer, champagne, cheese and yuzu fruit, mango puree and milk chocolate cream flavoured with saffron, hazelnut, caramel with cherry pieces, strawberry, Marsala wine and white chocolate cream, and decorated with a Lithuania map outline. In addition, you will find included a booklet on the achievements of Lithuania during the interwar period.

“For the 100th anniversary of restoration of the Lithuanian state, we offered to our customers a collection of chocolates which undoubtedly promotes patriotism of every citizen and love for homeland, and perfectly represents our state abroad. We are proud of this product because this souvenir collection of chocolates is created with respect to the history of Lithuania,” said Director A. Radzevičius.

The collective of the "Rūta" sweets factory is proud of the awards that have been achieved only through careful work, constant improvement and love for sweets. Nevertheless, the greatest appreciation and incentive to reach the high results is the recognition of the sweets lovers and their gratitude for the pleasant sweet moments in their lives!

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