More than chocolate...

Even though the Mayas and the Aztecs used cocoa beans for currency, and people have been drinking chocolate as a beverage for more than 3,000 years, today it is the undisputed leader among the sweets the world over. And the transformation of chocolate that this story relates to is still going on. Due to the abundant supply on the market, consumers quickly get bored with ordinary shapes and tastes. And so chocolate makers have to look for unusual solutions both when it comes to relish, and the shape or package of their product as well. And the much-acclaimed Chocolate Pizza by the confectionery factory Rūta is an excellent case in point.

This time, unusually flavoured chocolate – a hot favourite of gourmets in Europe, South America, and the Far East – has taken the remarkable shape of six slices of pizza, a modern masterpiece. Enriched with high-value herbs and spices and freeze-dried berries, the differently-flavoured pieces of white, milk, and dark chocolate are an eye-catcher in their diverse colours alone. Yet the biggest surprise is the product’s resemblance to pizza, the most favourite snack of the past few decades.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Chocolate Pizza is made from premium chocolate and comes in an extraordinary package. The specially-sized, windowed box puts the product on display and highlights its most striking elements at the same time. And the gilded edges of the package radiate luxury designed to impress on the gourmet.

So, if you think that chocolate is nothing but a rectangular bar that sometimes comes with nuts or fudge added, you are quite wrong. Chocolate is an excellent medium for creative work through combination of flavours, fragrances, and appearances. That was just how the confectionery factory Rūta designed its Chocolate Pizza. This extraordinary product can be enjoyed alone, but the biggest compliment to the maker is to see it shared with others.