New additions to the holiday range

The confectionery factory Rūta invites everyone to dive into the spirits of the coming season and to get to know its ample holiday range, available HERE.

This year, we have a great many new things in store for the kids – and we are not talking about new sweet gifts only. This year, we have carefully gone through the contents of our gifts and kitted them with only high-quality products. These are chocolates that have their flavours picked after the preferred taste of the wee ones, gummi sweets with natural berries and fruits, and fudge – another hot favourite of children.

And most importantly, when you buy sweet gifts for the children, you can win many exciting prizes. We have 5,000 invitations to Rūta’s Chocolate Museum for two, 10 invitations to an Indian chocolate workshop for groups of kids, 10 invitations to a meet and greet with the Brown-nosed Bear, kid tattoos, postcards, and many other surprises to give away! And with every purchase of the sweet gift “Išdaiga” you will be supporting Šiaulių Letenėlė, Šiauliai regional animal shelter.

The new addition that stands out from the midst of the enormous range of our holiday products is the Advent Calendar. Impressive in size, this box hides many sweets and depicts merry adventures at the chocolate factory. But the most important thing is that the Advent Calendar pursues the charming objective of giving a meaning to the waiting period between the first days of December and Christmas.

Another unique product, the sweet gift “Mago Dėžutė”, lets kids treat themselves to many-flavoured sweets just as it allows them to step into the shoes of a real magician. The box has a secret – with it, the wee ones can make candy disappear, only to bring it back again! A trick that can be done with the help of the instructions on the other side of the box.

The confectionery factory Rūta continues to amaze with its new chocolate products, bringing to you the collection of sweets “Šokoladiniai Puodeliai”. Subtly designed, the circular box contains elegant chocolates that look just like real coffee cups! And the delicate cream filling and other fragrant condiments, such as orange, raspberry, cardamom, and cinnamon, conjure up images of the winter holidays.

We have a holiday range that will appeal to business, too, featuring special boxes and formal products kitted to individual orders that are not usually available in stores. You can leaf through our business gift catalogues HERE.

These and other products are available at all of Rūta’s brand stores and retail chains. And everyone wishing to place an order for sweets from our holiday range is invited to contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 861474339. We wish you a delicious and cosy winter holiday!