Rūta’s Chocolatiers receives an award

At the 2019 Superior Taste Award competition, the exclusive collection of 20 chocolates Rūta’s Chocolatiers was awarded a Gold Star.

The Rūta’s Chocolatiers collection of chocolates features chocolates that come in a massive 10 different flavours and have the fillings of mango, champ-krem, peanut butter, green tea, strawberry, cheese and fragrant tangerine, pistachio, bitter chocolate, marzipan and pecan, and beer. The lavish package puts the consumer in the mood to enjoy the unique compositions of chocolate and condiments. The hard cardboard box coordinates well with the elegantly designed sleeve showcasing all the sweets. A taste that radiates luxury!

The prestigious international Superior Taste Award competition for exclusive brands of food and drinks from all over the world is held annually by the International taste and quality institute (iTQi). The jury includes over 200 professionals in their own field who do blind tests of submissions for the competition, none of them having the benefit of forehand information of the product.

It is lovely that the sweets that we make are well received by professionals and shoppers alike. The fine-tuned work, dedication, and professionalism of our staff are the qualities that allow us to earn recognition both in Lithuania and abroad. We work to give you lots of sweetly enjoyable moments with His Majesty, Chocolate!

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