Quality policy           

Rūta UAB strives that only fresh, safe, and high-quality products make their way to the consumer. The company has implemented a food safety and quality management system in line with the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000:2005 across the food handling chain (from raw materials to the consumer). Rūta UAB places a special emphasis on food safety, therefore its priorities are the following: a stable, high quality of products, guaranteed food safety, and a culture of sanitation and hygiene..

QUALITY is the key goal, value, and asset of the company and its staff

OUR VISION – an innovative Lithuanian company with a great deal of respect for tradition and experience, which aims to produce premium and exclusive confectionery.

OUR GOAL is to manufacture and supply safe, high-quality confectionery to satisfy the needs and expectations of our consumers and clients, and to be a business partner others can rely on.


  • work in line with the requirements of Lithuanian, European Union regulations and other documents pertaining to our company and its business;
  • continuously maintain and improve a management system that conforms to the requirements of food safety standard ISO 22000, increase its efficiency and effectiveness;
  • guarantee safety and quality of the company’s products throughout the supply chain (from taking delivery of raw materials to the presentation of the end product to the consumer);
  • constantly improve our manufacturing technologies, products, and services;
  • raise the expertise level of all employees by improving their knowledge and skills;
  • foster the relationship with the current and future clients of the company, appraising their needs and expectations and responding to them responsibly;
  • enforce our food safety and quality policy in cooperation with our suppliers.



  • having all of the company’s staff members focused on enforcing the food safety and quality policy and explaining it to all stakeholders (consumers, clients, suppliers), involving business partners in this process, as well;
  • allocating sufficient resources to achieve the company’s business goals and to enforce the food safety and quality policy;
  • allowing full-time employees to seek professional development and raise their expertise levels;
  • ensuring that every employee is personally responsible for food safety, product quality, and their own work performed in line with their job description and competences;
  • maintaining and promoting good mutual relationships and an efficient interaction among all peer employees of the company, encouraging initiative-taking in and suggestions from employees;
  • ensuring adequacy and relevancy of the food safety and quality policy and performing annual revisions of its goals and objectives.

The company’s food safety and quality policy is introduced to every employee of Rūta UAB. It is available to read to every stakeholder. All of the staff members of Rūta UAB make efforts to ensure that their work is aligned with the provisions of the food safety and quality policy.

Rolandas Pridotkas