9387 | Dragée collection “Gintaro kelias”, 360 g

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360 g

The confectionery factory Rūta invites you to enjoy a new product – a dragée collection “Gintaro kelias”, which was added to the confectionery line “Gintaro kelias”.

The collection consists of dragée of 3 flavours: Almonds with white chocolate and coffee, Almonds with 70% chocolate and “Žara” (almonds with white chocolate and milk caramel, rum, cognac, and amaretto-flavoured crispy film).

The dragée collection “Gintaro kelias” is a unique product designed in cooperation with experts in amber Virginija Mizgirienė and Kazimieras Mizgiris.

  • Product of exceptional flavour
  • The collection consists of dragée of 3 flavours
  • Created in cooperation with famous experts in amber