4458 | Chocolate sweets "Retro", 1.5 kg

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1,5 kg
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Retro, a line of sweets made to cherish elegance and the highest degree of quality, is an interwar classic. The metal box that harks back the time of Antanas Gricevičius, the founder of the factory, was recreated under the original design from interwar Lithuania. The face of a young lady takes us back to the early 20th century, when fostering the Lithuanian spirit and upholding the traditions held a highly prominent place amidst the society.

Sweets Retro offer a unique sweet and salty combination of the rich peanut-butter filling smothered in subtle milk chocolate.

  • A taste that is both sweet, bitter, and salty
  • Unique peanut-butter filling
  • Three sensations of flavour with milk chocolate added