4323 | Chocolate 70% with stevia, hemp seeds, and goji berries, 100 g

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100 g
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Everyone’s favourite chocolate can come as a delight just as it could surprise you with its immaculate choice of condiments.

The confectionery factory Rūta invites you to treat yourself to a piece of dark chocolate enriched with the exotic and highly valuable, sweet-and-sour goji berries and hemp seeds, a source of vitamins and minerals. Thanks to the goji berries and the hemp seeds, the chocolate is rich in fibre and has no added sugar.

Chocolate with hemp seeds and goji berries is an excellent choice for dark chocolate lovers.

  • Dry cocoa solids in chocolate: 70%
  • Unique and valuable additives: hemp seeds and goji berries
  • No added sugar (contains stevia)