3837 | LIETUVA. Dark chocolate 75 % with hemp seeds and strawberries, 90 g

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90 g
2.50 €

As our latest addition to the Lietuva line - we are introducing a new 75% cocoa chocolate with hemp seeds and strawberries.
The carefully selected and perfectly paired extras will allow even the most picky ones discover their favourite taste. Hemp seeds and pieces of freeze-dried strawberries in dark chocolate, a sweet-and-sour taste and delightful crispiness.

The stylish packaging of this chocolate will excite everyone: on the top of the package, the curious ones with a sweet tooth will find a seal that Lithuanian grand dukes used in the 14th century, and a note that traditionally spiced dark chocolate has also been around for centuries.

Chocolate LIETUVA - for dark chocolate lovers and history fans!

» High fibre
» Chocolate contains 75% of dry cocoa solids
» Highly valuable condiments: hemp seeds and freeze-dried strawberries