6539 | RUBY and dark 75 % chocolate with pistachios, 100 g

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100 g
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The confectionery factory Rūta introduces a unique product: combination of Ruby and dark chocolate with pistachios. This dark chocolate - a true classic - and Ruby, the latest trend in chocolate  paired with pistachios makes this chocolate flawless. Ruby is a new, 4th brand of chocolate. It is a special chocolate that enthrals you with its unique freshness of berries and sweet delicacy. The unique colour and playful fruity notes occur naturally in Ruby cocoa beans with no dyes and fragrances added. The substances that give this chocolate its fresh berry flavour and colour are found naturally in Ruby cocoa beans.

The dark chocolate with its subtle bitterness and the slightly sour Ruby will give you a moment of sweet pleasure. Discover a new taste in the history of chocolate!

» NEW! Unique Ruby chocolate (no dyes or berry fragrances added)
» Ruby chocolate contains 41,8 % dry cocoa solids
» Dark chocolate contains 75 % dry cocoa solids
» High fibre