5878 | "Šokoladiniai pieštukai", 95 g

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95 g
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The craftsmen at the confectionery factory Rūta with its century-old traditions continue to surprise us with their ingenuity, which this time comes in the shape of Šokoladiniai pieštukai, a collection of chocolates that has its colours and aromas based on fruit and vegetables exclusively using natural dyes.

This package with its cheery and playful design contains as many as 10 different chocolate pencils. The product would delight any child and grown-up alike with the possibility to taste the colours, feel a raffish breath of wind, and have a nip of chocolate at the same time.

In this collection, you will find chocolates that have the taste of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, white chocolate and blackcurrant, white chocolate and strawberry, white chocolate and raspberry, white chocolate and orange, white chocolate and apple, white chocolate and green tea, and white chocolate and lemon.

  • A product that has won 2 awards at international shows and competitions
  • The colours and aromas are based on fruit and vegetables
  • The collection consists of 10 different figures