5560 | Chocolate collection "1000 Lietuva", 1,720 kg

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1,720 kg
34.00 €

Renowned for its inimitability and exceptional quality of its products, Rūta presents 1000 Lietuva an impressive two-tier collection of chocolates dedicated to mark one thousand years of Lithuania’s name. The collection will surprise you in its original presentation idea, and the amount of chocolates that are in it, counting as many as 165. The collection also includes a flyer listing key facts in the history of Lithuania.

Gold Medal winner at the 2009 Lithuanian Product of the Year competition.

Product of the Show at the 2009 international business and achievement expo Šiauliai.

In this luxuriously designed two-tier collection you will find a whopping 27 different kinds of chocolates with the filling of bitter chocolate cream, Mascarpone cheese, marzipan, white chocolate and passionfruit puree cream, Marsala wine and white chocolate cream, rum-spiced hazelnut, pistachio praline, honey, champ-krem, toffee, hazelnut, rum flavour, and passionfruit.