5841 | Chocolate collection "Didžiųjų kunigaikščių pagundos", 465 g

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465 g
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This chocolate collection has been inspired by the archives found by the National Museum Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania that contain references to the culture and customs of the Dukes’ cuisine of that era. The box also includes an original card designed after an authentic tapestry woven in Flanders back in mid-16th century specifically for Duke Žygimantas Augustas. By buying these chocolates, you support the National Museum.

Gold Medal winner at the 2013 Lithuanian Product of the Year competition.

Gold Medal winner at the 2014 international expo AgroBalt.

In this chocolate collection, you will find chocolates of thirteen different shapes and in thirteen different flavours, each of them is special as it represents the shift in the tradition of the palatial cuisine under different dukes. The two-tier collection of 39 chocolates will stun you with the fillings of mango puree and milk chocolate cream spiced with saffron, chocolate and rum-flavoured raisins, Griottines cherry and liqueur, white chocolate and prune, hazelnut, chili pepper, Marsala wine and white chocolate cream, pear puree and white chocolate cream, bitter chocolate and mead, almond, almond and waffle, honey and ginger. It also includes a figurine made of chocolate with a minimum cocoa content of 70%.