3729 | "Greenz" sweets with rowan, 48 g

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48 g
1.30 €

Keeping up with the increasingly fast pace of life and the consumers’ needs for fast and nutritious food, the confectionery factory Rūta, has created the nut and fruit sweets, "Greenz".

"Greenz" snacks with rowan are packaged in a stylish and handy-sized box with a small window. The sweet-and-sour flavor of these sweets is enriched with dates and banana sweetness. These sweets are covered with richly flavored dark chocolate, containing 96 % dry cocoa solids minimum.

These sweets have no gluten, they are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.

  • Stylish windowed box
  • High fibre
  • No added sugars

    A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important!